Art Page

We love the arts

If you had told us last year that we would live in a world where there was no theater, concerts or festivals we would not have believed you. We think the world is a better place because of the arts. Because we want to make sure that the arts are alive and kicking when we get to the other side of this,10 percent of our profits from will be donated to local arts companies. 

We think you can be too rich and too thin but you can never have too much art or chocolate

That's why every box of brownies has artwork designed by an artist. What's more is our arty packaging is limited edition. Each design will only be printed 501 times. So hold on to it, you might just have a master piece on your hands. And even if you don't you will be promoting the arts.

(Pictured above, our first featured artist David Vijsma, photo by Remco van der Kruis.)